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New things :) Date: Mar 5th @ 1:28pm EST
Im trying out new fun things here at Flirt4free and I want you to be a part of it :) I ordered custom Team HarMar shot glasses that are one of a kind :D The only way to win one is through my raffle or winning my boyfriend of the month contest!!

Raffle: 1 ticket/ 50 Credits. 75/3 raffle tickets and a spin on my Whee-of-Forplay... nipple licks, booty shaking and naked fun to name a few. 100 credits is 5 raffle tickets and a game of topless hangman :)

Boyfriend of the month contest: Highest tipper of the month wins! Panties ..pictures of me in my panties.. a live on cam baking show just for you with homemade cookies and a custom Team HarMar shot glass sesnt to you!! Also, that whole month enjoy a discount on our private shows =))

One last thing... you can change my tagline for 2 weeks!! Highest single tip can pick whatever you would like displayed on my bio :) CONTEST DATES: Mon-Wed March 4th-6th ends at 11:59am eastern

Yay fun times =)) A big thank you and kiss to all the people that make me smile on a daily basis :) Love you all x0x0x0x H.
Long Weekend Date: Jul 23rd @ 1:09pm EDT
1st blog!! Date: Jul 22nd @ 8:44pm EDT
4-5-12 Date: Apr 5th @ 5:13pm EDT
Well it might be a while before im on cam :( Some jealous hating bitch in Vegas pushed me from behind into the corner of the bar and I broke my sternum.. hurts to do everything :( follow my twitter for updates so I can let you all know when I will be back on cam @iamharleymarie ... :( i miss you guys so much! I have the best caretakers in the world so dont worry about me I just wanted to let you all know whats going on.. :( I hope to see you all soon!!
3-14-12 Date: Mar 14th @ 8:15pm EDT
Looky Im a bloggin away today :) I wanted to tell you all to make sure you have my email notification set up for when I get online and check my twitter for daily updates and pictures :) ..much better than emails ... I suck at that :P ****** FOLLLOOOOWWWW MEEEE**** @iamharleymarie see you soon :) MUAH
Hello Flirters :] Date: Jan 12th @ 1:10pm EST
Hi you awesome mfers!! Im blogging :] yay... Soooo this week was one of the most amazing weeks EVER!! I made it into the Hall of Fame with all the legends on the site :o un freakin real :] this has been such an ambition of mine for almost three years now :] :] Its been a fucking blast :] THANKS EVERYONE :] ok ok 'nough of that mushy stuff :p follow me on twitter at iamharleymarie :] im a much better twitterer than i am blogger.. :] Im getting on soon and Ill be here this weekend starting around 9:30 pm eastern :] Ohhhh i going to VEGAS Wed- Sun also GET ME WHILE YOU CAN~~~ I need 2x's the sex before I go make up for my off time :] MUAH xooxoxoxox BIG HUGS AND LOVES :] H.
Happy New years :] Date: Jan 1st @ 4:56pm EST
Hello All :] I want to let you all know that 2011 was the best year ever bc of you :] Thanks you so much more than you could ever know. I got a Tiffany's necklace from the company for being amongst one of the top 10 models of the year..YAY.. GO TEAM HAR MAR UNREAL!!! Also in August I received an award for Best Duo partner.... AGAIN UNREAL!!! Thank you THANK YOU sooo much :] I am looking foward to an even awesome 2012 :] There is a huge contest today online and there is one winner for the BIG prize :] soooo if you dont have any plans Ill be on working my little tooshi offfff :] Stop in and your love will not go unrecognized =)) WOOO THanks again BIG kissssessss !!! xoxoxox Har Mar :D
12-26-11 Date: Dec 26th @ 9:27am EST
Long time since I sat and wrote one of these .. sooo here it goessss !! Merry Belated Christmas !! Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season :] I did and Santa was very good to me :] I still have my wishlist up if anyone forgot me :] Today I will be online but I'm off for Tuesday and Wednesday =]] yay !! Back Thursday and Friday and probably most of the weekend too .. lol .. Vegas is a approaching fast so after my little mini vacation Ill be here like usual and then a little more :]] Dont be shy to email me and come visit when you can .. Cant wait to seee you all again BIGG Kissssesss :]] and SUPPER wet smooochesss :]] Be on today around 2 pm or so eastern time Dont forget ITS Rump de Grump Moonday !!!! ;} xoxox Harley
Agh Date: Dec 3rd @ 8:14pm EST
After my duo I ended up being super hungry! Go figure :) So I made some delicious BBQ chicken =)) Then once my tummy was full I felt like I needed a nap so I can come back ready to rock your world :) I'll be on around 9:30 ish ;) (you know how I am) Im actually super excited about coming on tonight.. hoping to see you.. I hope youre weekend is going super wonderful and if I miss you tonight I will see you tomorrow night. Monday night Im taking off and Tuesday Marilyn will be here :) for the day and night YAY!!! Mar Mar is finally coming to see meeeee =)) She is going to be finishing up her traveling though so I dont know what our plans are going to be as far as The Har Mar Mar Mar show =)) Even though that would be a freaking blast... ok ok ok ill be here soon we can talk about it :) MUAH!!! H.
Happy Day :) Date: Nov 25th @ 1:15pm EST
Happy Friday everyone =)) I Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. My schedule has been messed up this week a little family stuff and what not ... you know how that goes. Dont forget to take advantage of the free credits for the black Friday today :) Im going to a football game early tomorrow so catch me today or possibly Sunday night but always Monday :)
I want to taste your kisses right now :) ((muah)) See you soon. xoxox H.